Teaching etiquette towards our veterans

  • 75th Anniversary of D-Day             Memorial Garden 

  • The D-Day Challenge

D-Day 75th Anniversary Memorial Garden

Vetiquette has organized a special tribute for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day which is this Thursday, June 6th. We are creating a Memorial Garden consisting of craft poppies made by students, community members and local senior citizens. There will be 2,501 poppies (one for each American killed on that day) hand-made by students at WOS Elementary School in Tappan, Liberty Elementary School in Valley Cottage, Nyack Middle School and Briarcliff High School, as well as senior citizens in Nyack and other Vetiquette volunteers. Please come by Thursday evening to see the heart-warming design and spend a moment to honor those who did not return home. The exhibit will be there at least through Friday. 

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019 

Time: 4 pm, Brief Opening Ceremony 

Location: Tappan Zee Manor, in the garden

The D-Day Challenge

A way to ensure that each American lost on D-Day is remembered & our children are aware of their sacrifice. 

  • Who can participate?    
    • Any person of any age, or a group or school. 

  • How do I enlist?  
    • Simply email us your/your group's name, town and state. Thereafter, you will be assigned a designated D-Day honoree. 

  • What is "The Challenge"?  
    • To research information about your assigned honoree's life and obtain at least one photograph of that person. (Vetiquette will provide you with some "basic training" tools consisting of helpful investigative tips to get you started and provide support along the way).  After acquiring this information, you can either write a one page bio about that person's life and character traits, OR submit your research to Vetiquette's Biography Committee whose members will write the bio. 

  • How will the bio be used? 
    • The bio will be incorporated in our annual Vetiquette Memorial Day project. Each Memorial Day at participating elementary schools, the bio of one fallen service member  is given to one grammar school class.  That class learns about the life of that service member and creates a tribute gift (a quilt or booklet) honoring that person's character traits and life, which is then eventually gifted to the respective gold star family. Where available, Vetiquette arranges for local gold star families to speak with students about their lost loved one. 


  • When does The D-Day Challenge end? 
    • Ongoing until we have a bio completed of each fallen service member lost on D-Day.